Our mission is to help farmers achieve maximum yields without high input costs, to give a solid bottom line profit while at the same time, improving the soils for the future.

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Fentech Agri was established in 2022 to offer innovative agricultural solutions and to incorporate Simtech UK and Tillso machinery under one name working alongside the sister company Fentech Ltd.

Fentech’s roots trace back to 2014, when a mechanically-minded farmer, Toby Kilham, launched the company with a focus on bespoke engineering design and manufacturing. Leveraging his agricultural expertise, Toby soon shifted his focus to creating innovative solutions specifically for farm machinery.

Fentech built Simtech drills since 2018, leading to their 2022 acquisition. Now combined, they refine direct drills and T-Sem technology, offering 10 models (expanding) across mechanical, pneumatic, and grass drills.

In 2022, Toby joined forces with Paul Chapman, a finance expert with vast agricultural knowledge, to form Fentech Agri. Paul’s expertise in domestic and foreign machinery sales, coupled with his understanding of farm finances, allows him to advise farmers on capital investments, maximizing profit and utilizing grants effectively.

Drawing from the extensive experience of its team, Fentech Agri possesses a deep understanding of various agricultural applications, enabling them to create cutting-edge solutions.

Fentech Agri recently expanded its horizons by incorporating Tillso technology, renowned for its low-disturbance approach. This integration allows them to offer subsoilers, cultivators, and straw & stubble solutions perfected by Tillso over a decade, including the innovative rake and roll and advantage models.

If you’re a no-till or min-till farmer seeking to optimize your operation, look no further than Fentech Agri. We leverage our extensive expertise to unlock exciting new opportunities that reduce costs and boost yields. Driven by a passion for sustainable agriculture and soil health, we constantly innovate to empower you with the tools for a more profitable and environmentally friendly future.

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