This drill is eligible for The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund ( FETF ) applications


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The TSG-300S is a higher capacity version of our popular TSG-300. Built on a stronger frame with larger wheels to support the additional weight, the TSG-300S incorporates 20 of the 25mm flexible tine to allow seeding into pasture and highlands where stones and rocks are more common. The tine is able to move around more to avoid such obstacles.

The 1000L hopper is the same as used on our mechanical range of arable drills giving increased efficiencies and the ability to sow large seeds.

The drill makes use of the mechanical sponge metering system, proven over the past few decades as reliable, simple to use and maintain and easy to calibrate. The sponge metering system is able to deal with seed mixes very well with seed size variations from clover to beans. Rate is controlled via a mechanical infinitely variable gearbox to give precise seeding rates.

The TSG-300S is a great product for mixed farms or for farmers wanting the flexibility to use the drill when others won’t travel.