The TSG-300 is the most popular drill produced over the years by Simtech. Designed originally for reseeding pastures, the inverted T-boot tine creates an inverted T-slot for the seed to develop in.

The TSG-300 can also be used in light arable conditions as a direct drill into stubbles where trash is minimal. The front cutting disc helps open the slot for the tine to follow and is essential in cutting the trash to allow this. The tine vibrates as it moves through the soil profile creating tilth in the slot and mineralising nutrients for the young seedling to make best use of.

With a 500L hopper capacity and a low hp requirement for pulling (80hp) this is an ideal tool for small livestock and mixed farms to add to their armoury. Calibration is via a simple procedure of rotating the drive wheel and weighing the product, giving consistent seeding throughout. Manual but simple depth control makes setting the drilling depth simple and quick.