This drill is eligible for The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund ( FETF ) applications


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The TS-600 AP is the widest mounted version of drills Fentech Agri produce. With two independently pivoting wings, with 7 degrees of movement, for contour following and the same 1700L hopper as on the other folding drills, this machine can work through high acreage reliably.

As with all Simtech machines minimal moving and wearing parts keep the drill simple, with low maintenance required.

The TS-600 AP comes with half drill shut off and tramlining as standard, with the option to upgrade to ISOBUS with section control and individual row shut off control if required. The front discs are hydraulically controlled and can be adjusted on the move if required.

Fentech Agri will be launching a fully integrated split hopper version shortly to offer the option for companion cropping and or fertilizer application. The drill utilises the 30mm arable tine on 187.5mm spacing with a spring flex roller and closing harrow chain. For simplicity of establishment and reliable seeding this is a high capacity machine to meet large acreage farm requirements.