This drill is eligible for The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund ( FETF ) applications


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The TS 300 AP is the smallest drill in the pneumatic range, offering 16 rows of 30mm spring tine seeding coulters, a reliable Sulky metering system and the option to add on various fertiliser applicators including Stocks turbojet and Startec micro fert options.

Depth is controlled via the simple to use cam system on the rear roller and disc depth is controlled by a simple manual ratchet adjuster at the front.

The design is very compact leading to excellent maneuverability in tight spots.

The 1100L hopper allows for big bag filling and adjustable height hopper level sensor allows the system to be tailored to the specific seed.

Capable of seeding rates sub 10kg/ha and up to 400kg/ha, the metering system is very versatile for a wide range of seed sizes including small clover and grass seeds up to cereals and beans.